Brightworks is a communications agency. While we deliver the majority of our work online, we don’t call ourselves a technology company because our clients don’t come to us to solve complicated technical problems, they come to us to solve communication and brand challenges. Our sweet spot is the mid-sized project and the 256 projects we delivered in 2008 ranged in budget from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars.   

We started with a clear value proposition in online marketing. Our senior team has 8 – 10 years agency experience each driving online success for major national brands. However about a year in, a funny thing started to happen. Our clients began asking us to deliver their print promotion work as well. A few years later we have a print portfolio that we are incredibly proud of spanning promotional PIN cards, to sales force tools, to package design. 

In the online world, our clients typically hand us a business challenge and look to us to craft a solution. That solution typically involves a web property, a contest or a product site for example, as well as an online promotion strategy utilizing a mix of SEM and display advertising. Once a foundation is in place, tools, newsletter programs, retention strategies, content generation and more typically follows.